Dishin’ on the Best Dishes

Fried Chicken Mono + Mono (seriouseats)

As Adrianna over at A Cozy Kitchen said, “I always think it’s super snobby when someone names a recipe ‘the best’ of anything but sometimes it really is true.”

Since I’m not the chef of these dishes, I feel no qualms about calling them the best. Continue reading for my favorite classic meals in New York City (and the honorable mentions).
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Zach Hunter: sous chef at Atera

(Hunter is on the left)

(Hunter is on the left)

Zach Hunter, 30, is sous chef at Atera, the highly acclaimed tasting room in Tribeca which New York Times food critic Pete Wells called eating at the restaurant “one of the most fascinating experiences you can have in a New York City restaurant.”

When Hunter decided to pursue the culinary arts after high school, his ambition led him to train and work at some of the best culinary institutions and fine-dining restaurants in the world. Read on for more info, whether you are a card-carrying New York eater or interested in the culinary arts!
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Reviews of Fine Dining Establishments


Because I’m but a poor college student – perhaps you’ve seen me scrounging up crumpled dollar bills from the depths of my bag at various subway kiosks or using my credit card to pay for a $6 sandwich – I have not eaten at as many fine dining institutions in New York City as I would like.

However, that doesn’t mean my meals outside my apartment have been confined to halal carts and bodega egg-and-cheeses. Between saving up, planning wisely, and the gracious offers of friends’ parents or visits from my own mom and dad, I have crossed some acclaimed restaurants off of my ever-expanding wish list.

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The Basics: Contemporary cuisine movements


When it comes to the culinary movements, hardly a meal goes by without a term being dropped. Sure, you know you like the burger you ordered, but what does “a New American” style burger even mean? What is the difference between farm-to-table food and locavore-friendly fare? Check out below for some simple definitions so you never again have to spend a meal wondering what the heck slow food is.
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